Health Benefits Of Thai Food

Health Benefits Of Thai FoodThai food is full of flavor, but you don’t need a pantry full of exotic ingredients to prepare it. If you like to make Thai recipes at home, it’s a good idea to keep fish sauce, garlic, chiles and lime juice on hand. These simple Thai recipes will get you started making terrific Thai food at home.

Thai food is delicious, but not all of it fits within a healthy diet. Much of the cuisine contains coconut milk, which has saturated fat per cup, according to the Agriculture’s National Nutrient Database.


Noodles make a good main meal, with the most famous dish being Pad Thai – rice noodles, shrimp, chilli, bean sprouts and egg topped with peanuts.


Rice is often served as an accompaniment, but to keep the calorie content down choose plain or fragrant varieties – a portion contains around 380 calories.


Coconut cream and milk are popular ingredients in many sweet and savoury dishes. Despite the recent trend for the faddy Coconut Diet, which is basically a low-carb diet with the addition of coconut oil, there’s little evidence that coconut can help you lose weight.

Fresh Spring Rolls

Fresh spring rolls are a healthy Thai food filled with vegetables. They are a much healthier alternative to fried spring rolls, according to the American Heart Association. The filling for fresh spring rolls is steamed, which reduces fat and calorie intake without sacrificing flavor.

Cashew Chicken

Thai restaurant is a healthy choice because it contains plenty of protein and the nuts provide heart healthy fats, which has been linked to healthier cholesterol readings. However, eating only one serving is recommended due to calorie content, advises “Cooking Light Magazine.

Gang Som Pak Ruam

The Thai fusion of sweet, sour and spicy are all combined into another ultra vibrant soup. This soup base can be packed with vegetables like carrots, cabbage and green beans (pak ruam) or it can be served with a deep fried omelet made from eggs and a stringy green vegetable leaf (Thai acacia leaf) called cha om (gang som cha om kai).
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